Amaca Outdoor Moroso

Designer: David Weeks

Manufacturer: Moroso

Starting from: € 1.280,00

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100% Made in Italy Certified
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Amaca Moroso Description

In the furniture industry, traits such as precision and uniformity are highly valued. There are some instances, however, that the lack of those traits gives an item the character that it needs to excel. The Amaca Outdoor by Moroso, designed by David Weeks, is an item that stands out because of its uniqueness. From its appearance alone, the Amaca by Moroso is already attention-grabbing. Its size as well as its construct is a trait that makes it very captivating to any spectator. Such attributes make the Amaca Outdoor worthy of your appreciation and will be an apt choice for any environment.

Amaca Outdoor Moroso Features

The Amaca Outdoor by Moroso is a daybed that is made for indoor or outdoor use. The materials used for its production are suitable for any condition whether inside or outside of the house. Its "cushion" is entirely hand made making each piece unique. The variations between items are existent but not visible. While some might consider these things as flaws, they are the attributes that give the Amaca by Moroso its charm. The imposing size of this daybed exudes an inviting allure that will welcome anyone to unwind on its surface, thus achieving its objective.

Amaca Outdoor Materials

This daybed by Moroso is made completely handmade. Each piece is unique making the variations in colours, weaves and shapes a signature trait between items. While in some items, these traits will be considered as defects, the Amaca Outdoor by Moroso holds them in high regard. There are four colour patterns to choose from namely Noir, Oxyde, Panama, and Silver. There are also two versions of the cord material; a polyethylene chord and a polyester technical cord. The weaving is also unique to every Amaca, giving each daybed their distinction.

Amaca Outdoor Moroso Compositions

The Amaca Outdoor by Moroso is a sight to behold inside or outside of the home. The colour palettes available to this daybed makes it quite attractive to anyone seeing its presence. Its size makes it an outstanding article of relaxation. The small version measures 133x150x45 cm while the large option comes in at 157x180x50 cm. Regardless of the size of the Amaca by Moroso, you will be pleased with the comfort that this daybed provides. Welcoming and attractive, the Amaca will fit right in with your home's interiors.


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