Loop Desk Cassina

Designer: Kazuhide Takahama

Manufacturer: Cassina

Starting from: € 1.865,00

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Loop Cassina Description

Clerical furniture pieces usually have a modest appearance as these items are more about function rather than form. In the case of Cassina's Loop Desk, both its functionality and aesthetic get an equal amount of treatment. This exquisite workspace, designed by Kazuhide Takahama, borrows its name from the downtown business district of Chicago and is the perfect item for any executive's office. The Cassina Loop owns an image that exudes a high degree of sophistication which easily amplifies the style of any location, making it an indispensable product for the workplace or at home.

Loop Desk Cassina Features

The beautiful image of the Loop Desk enables any workspace to function with precision and elegance. Its framework consists of natural or stained ash wood with a 45° angle construct connecting its base to the tabletop. The worktop for Cassina's Loop Desk is the focal point of this furniture piece, with its dual finish. With the level of detailing instilled into the Cassina Loop, this product guarantees to give your office a table system that will readily augment its location's style. This makes the Loop an essential component of any workplace, at home or in the office.

Loop Desk Materials

The Loop comes available in a total of ten colour finishes, either in gloss or matte. The central part of the tabletop can be finished by selecting an option from the twenty-six available leather choices for this component. Any combination of your finishing selections will give the Cassina Loop the air you would want it to possess, enabling it to adapt to the design scheme of its intended location. With this in mind, the Loop easily adds value to a room's visual appeal by being on the premises, validating its place within your interiors.

Loop Desk Cassina Compositions

Cassina's Loop Desk comes in two measurements: 82x178x74 cm and 82x214x74 cm. These dimensions allow the Loop to situate itself in any environment despite the spatial constraints. This desk will be the perfect accompaniment to any workspace, thanks to its impeccable design. Should you want to further augment the table's image, you may opt to add the Orseolo chest of drawers, designed by Studio Simon, to its assembly. This item gives the Loop storage capabilities not seen in the basic version of the table, making it an even more desirable piece of furnishing for people with discerning tastes.


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