Loop Desk Cappellini

Designer: E. Barber & J. Osgerby

Manufacturer: Cappellini

Starting from: € 2.620,00

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Loop Cappellini Description

There is a point in which modernity and simplicity intersect, and in that area exists the Loop Desk. Cappellini often produces products that capture the imagination, and with the help of furniture designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, they have realized an article that is minimally avant-garde yet very functional. The Loop by Cappellini's simple construct and use of basic materials emphasizes usefulness over complex design lines, and in this regard brings forward the idea that excellent designs can come from primary sources. Its plain aesthetic turns into beauty and its utility is amplified as a result.

Loop Desk Cappellini Features

The Loop Desk is a beautiful item made for domestic use, based on the integration of a workspace and storage, an idea that came to the designers when they were still students. This line of thought is prevalent upon viewing this superb object. Its top is made of bent and shaped birch plywood and the base is composed of stainless steel. The Loop Desk by Cappellini's two-layer work surface houses the storage compartments in between them. This feature allows for a multitude of uses both decorative and utilitarian, perfect for any home office or study area.

Loop Desk Materials

The predominant aspect of this beautiful product is the lacquered tabletop of the Loop Desk. Cappellini's modern take on a study/office table can be finished matte in all the colours of the collection, or if you want to opt for a natural aspect, you can have it veneered in natural birch. The legs of the Loop by Cappellini are satin stainless steel with grey nylon feet. The unity between the two components adds up to present a look that is nominal yet elegant, a trait that is shared by every item made by Cappellini.

Loop Desk Cappellini Compositions

The Loop by Cappellini's configuration is optimized for its user, whether that person is a student or a professional. The ample workspace provided by the tabletop is further enhanced by the storage areas found in between layers. The upper layer may serve as an open shelf for personal items or anything you might need immediate access to. The bottom layer can accommodate larger items. Coming in at 135x65x84 cm, the Loop Desk can fit into any room, and is the perfect table for your office or study area.


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