Collector Desk Porro

Designer: GamFratesi

Manufacturer: Porro

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Collector Porro Description

The Collector Desk of Porro represents a timeless aesthetic paired with modern technological advancements. Its basic structure emphasizes the rest of its material make-up, shining a light on the beautiful grain that its wooden components possess. Designed by GamFratesi, the Porro Collector is an item that highlights the purity of its construct by ignoring trends and adhering to the basics of excellent design. Straight lines, precision movements, and quality pieces are the prevalent elements that comprise the Collector Desk; an elegant workspace for consumers who have a dignified taste for luxurious furniture.

Collector Desk Porro Features

Porro's Collector Desk is the culmination of the unity between industrial precision and vintage aesthetics. Its rigorous design revolves around its accurately conceived metal structure, which holds the wooden components that give the item its signature visage. The rest of its elements contribute to the overall image which the desk presents. The wooden faces of this desk constitute the organic element that gives life to this product, while the mechanical parts give it precise movements. These qualities make the Porro Collector a viable selection for people with a penchant for nostalgic or minimalist views.

Collector Desk Materials

The primary lines that this desk project spotlights the beautiful detail that its surfaces exude. A minimally chic facade gives the Porro Collector an elevated style, allowing it to exist in timeless or modern spaces. A lead-effect varnished coat enhances the nominal frame's appearance. Its wooden counterpart is realized with an apple tree essence finish. The sum of these two segments presents us the Collector, an item with a restrained sense of elegance. Products such as these will surely satisfy the requirements of anyone who adores stylish and precision built furniture pieces.

Collector Desk Porro Compositions

The Porro Collector Desk is perfect for any space that needs a stylish and functional piece of furnishing. Whether in an office or your bedroom, the Collector's demeanour will undoubtedly add an air of sophistication. Measuring in at 152x60x73 cm, this desk will situate itself in any location without any issues. Be it modern or classic interiors, the sophisticated aspect of the Collector will be a welcome addition to your home. Made for individuals with a refined sense of elegance, the Collector can provide the functional beauty you seek in a furniture implement.


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