Sella Accessory Zanotta

Designer: Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

Manufacturer: Zanotta

Starting from: € 725,00

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Sella Zanotta Description

The Zanotta Sella Accessory is a peculiar piece of furnishing that confounds any spectator who happens to see its profile. It consists of elements that are not typically associated with furniture pieces. However, it is these traits that also endears the Zanotta Sella to its audience. The Sella Accessory lets the weight of its base keep it upright while the rounded bottom of the base acts as an axis point for the entire item. This aspect allows the seat to centre itself without aid. These features guarantee that the Sella will enchant any spectator anywhere.

Sella Accessory Zanotta Features

Zanotta's Sella utilizes its user to keep it stable. This feature is reminiscent of the milker's stool: an item with a basic top and only one leg that fastens to the body with a simple belt. This feature gives you stability when sitting on the Sella. Its rounded metal base provides a sense of movement not typically found in other similar objects. The framework for the Zanotta Sella Accessory consists of a single metal rod that connects its base to its battle stations. Finally, the component that tops everything off is the saddle of a bicycle.

Sella Accessory Materials

A black saddle with a pink frame and a rounded steel base are all the details that the Zanotta Sella Accessory needs. Its luxurious saddle comes from Brooks England, a bicycle saddle institution in Smethwick, West Midlands, England. The support structure for this seating implement is lacquered pink. This colour is reminiscent of the pink jersey worn by the winner of the Giro d’Italia Bicycle Race. Its base comes in its natural steel form. This finishing option states an obvious fact: the Sella is an excellent item that owns a type of charm seldom seen in similar furnishings.

Sella Accessory Zanotta Compositions

The Zanotta Sella Accessory is an excellent example of unorthodox ideas that became actual items. Its unique profile does not hinder its functionality or appeal in any way. This aspect is the reason for this product's allure. Measuring in at 33x71 cm cm, this modest implement can inhabit any area inside or outside your home. With its quirky demeanour, you may decide on owning more than just one piece of the Zanotta Sella. The Castiglioni brothers, with Zanotta, once again provides us with another inspired piece of furnishing that transcends time and trends.


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