Christine Accessory Fiam

Designer: Helidon Xhixha, Dante O. Benini, Luca Gonzo

Manufacturer: Fiam

Starting from: € 1.660,00

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100% Made in Italy Certified
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Christine Fiam Description

The Fiam Christine is a contemporary solution that satisfies your need for reflective surfaces with an artistic touch. This mirror system applies to any location that requires a product of its quality. Designed by Helidon Xhixha, Dante o. Benini, and Luca Gonzo, The Christine Accessory can elevate the aesthetic value of any location with the addition of its profile to any vertical plane in your home. This accessory is an apt addition to your interiors due to its stylized construct. The warped background of this item highlights its reflective surface, emphasizing the product's mirror component.

Christine Accessory Fiam Features

Accessories like the Fiam Christine bring added visual aspects to an area regardless of its location. This item can be hung in any orientation, allowing it to adapt well to its surroundings. The Christine is a wall mirror with a 6 mm back-silvered high temperature melted glass and a 5 mm flat mirror component. Its rear frame consists of a forged metal component. The heat forging gives a peculiar and distinctive character and guarantees the craftsmanship of the object. The Christine provides your wall with a dynamic element that gives life to any vertical plane in your home.

Christine Accessory Materials

The Fiam Christine Accessory is a representation of the duality of everything in the world. The mirror component reflects all items in their natural state while its backing distorts the same things reflected on their surface. The central mirror of the Fiam Christine is available in extralight glass, smoked glass, and bronze glass. A curved glass finish comes in extralight glass, smoked glass, and bronze glass as well. Finally, a combination of the curved and central mirror glass also comes in extralight glass, smoked glass, and bronze glass as well.

Christine Accessory Fiam Compositions

Fiam's Christine Accessory bestows a dramatic element to an otherwise plain vertical space. There are two sizes available for this product: a small 110x110x23 cm version, and a large variant that measures 195x100x23 cm. Both versions of the Fiam Christine can be hung in four different orientations, ensuring a proper fitment of the mirror to its designated location. The Christine is a truly versatile wall-mounted accessory that heightens the sophistication of your home in several ways, provided that you have a vertical plane available for this splendid object.


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