Sacco Accessory Zanotta

Designer: Gatti, Paolini, Teodoro

Manufacturer: Zanotta

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Sacco Zanotta Description

The Zanotta Sacco Accessory is an item that is "basically iconic." It has a basic shape combined with basic materials. However, it becomes iconic because its design has stood the test of time and stays relevant today. Initially released in 1969, it has become a significant part of the art movement known as Italian modernism. Designed by Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro, the Zanotta Sacco is a prime example of a singular product that symbolizes an era while defying the status quo. A recipient of the Compasso d'Oro lifetime achievement award, the Sacco Accessory is a truly revolutionary industrial masterpiece.

Sacco Accessory Zanotta Features

As simple as it may seem, the Zanotta Sacco is an accessory that is purpose-built to perfection. It does not assume to be a "chair" in the conventional sense. Its shape can possess the attributes of a chair while retaining its irregular form. With time, the Sacco has been given a few adjustments to solidify its place as a relevant piece of Italian furniture history. The envelope for the highly resistant expanded polystyrene pellets have been updated with newer material choices, and there are also new sizes in addition to the initially released product.

Sacco Accessory Materials

The Zanotta Sacco has undergone some cosmetic changes through the years, but it still retains the shape that made it iconic. There is a saying that goes: "If it's not broken, don't fix it." The Sacco understands this well, but it also knows that there is always room for improvement, somewhere. Initially made of leather, the bag is now made with updated materials such as the VIP material. This selection is fire-proof, stain-proof, has antibacterial properties, and is available in nine colours. The Pied de poule and Tulip fabric options offer a total of nine colours as well.

Sacco Accessory Zanotta Compositions

Along with the newer materials available to the Zanotta Sacco Accessory, there are new sizes as well. The initial release that is still available measures 80x80x68 cm. There are now two additional sizes for the Sacco, the medium which is 68x68x63 cm and the small measuring in at 54x54x59 cm. The Zanotta Sacco has been updated with extra sizes and can now accommodate any size and any age. Innovation passes with time, but some stay relevant to this day. The Sacco is undoubtedly an example of innovation that remains relevant regardless of time.


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