• Project Location: Bangkok
  • Start Date: January 2020
  • Complete Date: May 2020
  • Service Provided:
    • Interior Design
    • Furniture Supply

Interior design and Luxury Furniture in Thailand

We carried out a luxury furniture project in Thailand for a major client in Bangkok.

The centuries-old kingdom of Thailand is dotted with natural and man-made beauty with its magnificent buildings from ancient times.
In line with this heritage of grace, today the capital of this unique country also enriches itself through the culture of Made in Italy, excellence in high-end furniture.

Open Plan: the visual core of this luxury furnished apartment in Thailand

We enter the open plan via a winding and dynamically designed staircase and are greeted by the dining area, which precedes the living area and lounge area.

The concept of luxury furniture in Thailand, where temperatures are generally warm and sunlight often lingers on the streets, and pervades the windows of homes, manifests itself in open, bright, white spaces that best channel natural light while preferring clear shades that dissipate heat.

All the furniture in the dining area is by Cattelan Italia: the Stratos Keramic table is a fine piece of contemporary design that becomes a true objet d’art thanks to its outstanding Italian craftsmanship and the wide choice of printing options for the crystal top.

The upholstered chairs are a MAGDA Couture model whose upholstery matches with the Absolut sideboard. The chairs stand out thanks to the fine tailoring on the backrest and a frame made of solid wood, a durable and sustainable material.

Everything is crowned by the spectacular Phoenix Ceiling chandelier, an extraordinary masterpiece of craftsmanship made of handcrafted glass and an outer band of satin-finished steel.

Passing through the dining area, you enter the formal living.

The URBAN sofa and the curved Tilt armchairs, both by Giorgetti, give the living room a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.
The Amerigo coffee table from Cattelan Italia is a subtle splash of color that encourages conviviality. Its refined, minimalist design emphasizes the shine of the smooth metal, which is further enhanced by the Brushed handmade finish.

And lastly, we have the lounge area: a majestic space lit by tall, wall-mounted windows that offer beautiful views of the Bangkok skyline.

To relax in this elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, we opted for Minotti: the Lawson Open Round seating system and Leslie armchairs skilfully combine beauty and comfort with their soft design and gentle lines.
The Lawson is large and spacious, its shapes emphasize the gentle dynamism that permeates the entire open plan, and the taupe tone of the upholstery beautifully complements the Leslie and the futuristic and bright YoYo coffee table by Cattelan Italia, an expression of intelligent, high-quality design.

luxury furniture thailand

Modern luxury furniture in the private wing of the house in Thailand

On the upper floor we find the private wing, consisting of the family room and the master bedroom.

In the family room we find a skillful juxtaposition of Minotti elements: the Freeman Duvet Sofa and the Freeman Ottoman that create a small, modular, comfortable, and versatile seating system… further proof of the endless possibilities that Made in Italy can create with luxury furniture anywhere in the world.

luxury furniture thailand

And finally, there is the master bedroom.

The king-size bed is by Poltrona Frau, a Lola Darling model, with a leather-covered headboard that emphasizes the soft and sumptuous design.
Poltrona Frau also supplied the two Holly side table lamps, whose sinuous design perfectly matches the delicate lines of the bed, as if they were one piece.
The lamps stand on two Kelly bedside tables by Poliform, which are made of Spessart oak, a highly prized wood that only grows in the forest of Bavaria, Germany.

This project skilfully combines the typical aesthetics of Made in Italy with the local lifestyle.

luxury furniture thailand

Made in Italy interior design, through light and mood

Above all, the designers and skilled artisans involved in the Made in Italy production guarantee excellent taste that comes from centuries of culture, a culture of beauty and a continuous search for aesthetic innovation.

If you are looking for new ideas and inspirations in the inimitable Made in Italy style and if you want to furnish your dream home with Italian luxury furniture, contact our interior designers. They are ready to guide you in every step of your project, from the design to the purchase process.

Don’t forget that we can also arrange an Italian Furniture Shopping Tour for the most demanding customers.