Porro Walk In Closet

Designer: Piero Lissoni

Manufacturer: Porro

Starting from: € 15.900,00

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100% Made in Italy Certified
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Modular Walk In Closet Description

Rationality and functionality are the two words that best describe Porro's modular walk in closet. It is an innovative system designed by Piero Lissoni able to contain and at the same time show the objects stored in a completely elegant way.

Porro Walk in Closet distinguishes itself from other walk in closet systems for its ability to comply with the space and ambience where it is fitted, almost disappearing in environments with limited dimensions while creating new scenographies of living in larger spaces.

Porro Walk In Closet Features

Porro Walk in Closet consists of a series of exposed mullions and transoms that become the only load-bearing elements of the structure. The horizontal cross beams, available in different standard sizes, and the vertical uprights, which can be positioned side by side, give the possibility of creating extremely flexible and light compositions.

The essential and geometric lines of this modular closet system are animated by the internal equipment, which enrich and make this storage space unique.

Walk-In Walk-In Closet Materials

The structure, the main element and hallmark of Porro modular walk in closet, has been designed and conceived with high quality materials to ensure greater durability. The finish available for the uprights and transoms is white, black and cuve' painted aluminium or covered with mongoi wood effect, eucalyptus and hemlock ash.

As far as the materials of the internal equipment are concerned, a variety of fine woods is available such as white cherry wood, black sugi, ash-coloured hemlock or painted black, mongoi and eucalyptus. The hanger rods and the profiles of the various internal elements are in painted aluminium. The drawers can also be made of glass, to make the overall appearance of Porro Walk in Closet even lighter.

Porro Walk In Closet Compositions

Porro modular walk in closet mullions and transoms are available in six different widths: 500 mm, 600 mm, 750 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm. The depth of the different modules is only one and is 590 mm.

Regarding the heights of the uprights, also in this case you can choose from five different sizes available: 1953 mm, 2273 mm, 2433 mm, 2593 mm, 2913 mm.

Moreover Porro Walk in Closet can be enriched with internal equipment such as drawer sets, trouser and sweater holders and many other accessories.


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