Boiserie Walk-In Closet Porro

Designer: Piero Lissoni

Manufacturer: Porro

Starting from: € 15.900,00

Worldwide Delivery and Installation
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100% Made in Italy Certified
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Boiserie Porro Description

A walk-in closet is an excellent addition to any home that has space for it. With the integration of the Porro Boiserie Walk-in Closet, any wall can be made into this feature with ease. The Boiserie represents the halfway mark between the walk-in closet and the open wardrobe: you may install this system into any room to achieve your ideal closet, or you may set it up in an open environment, allowing it to interact with its environment. These characteristics guarantee that the Boiserie Walk-in Closet will upgrade the functions and visual aspect of your closet space without difficulty.

Boiserie Walk-In Closet Porro Features

The Porro Boiserie is a technologically sound wall-mounted system that enables any vertical plane to have storage capabilities. The construct of its panels consists of particle boards overlaid with melamine finishing. The metal components come in varnished extruded aluminium, while its drawer set consists of either wood or glass. The Boiserie also has a chromium-plated metal and plastic valet system as well as an external polycarbon light. These high-grade components make up the Porro Boiserie Walk-in Closet: a wall-mounted system that easily adds form and function to an otherwise blank space.

Boiserie Walk-In Closet Materials

Finishing selections for the Porro Boiserie enable it to coordinate efficiently with its surroundings. Every component of this wall-mounted system has finishing options that complement each element of the entire walk-in closet. The wooden components come in particleboards with white melamine finishing, or with melamine finishing overlaid with ciliegio white, black sugi, "cenere" hemlock, mongoi, or eucalyptus melamine sheets. These boards can also be overlaid with all the woods of Porro's collection. The brackets come lacquered in white, cuvee, black, moka, or cenere varnished extruded aluminium. Glass components can either be tempered transparent or sandblasted glass.

Boiserie Walk-In Closet Porro Compositions

Porro's Boiserie Walk-in Closet consists of components that come in several sizes. From wall panels, drawers, and hangers, this wall-mounted system will be able to accommodate any configuration that you may have in mind. The Porro Boiserie will be an excellent addition to a vacant room that you want to convert into a closet, or you may opt to utilize it on any wall that requires a certain treatment. In any scenario, the Boiserie can augment any vertical space that needs upgrading. In this regard, the information that you will require for your configuration will be available upon request.


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