Rialto L Shelf Fiam

Designer: CRS Fiam

Manufacturer: Fiam

Starting from: € 180,00

Worldwide Delivery and Installation
Customizable with our Professional Advice
100% Made in Italy Certified
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Rialto L Fiam Description

The Rialto L Shelf is a sophisticated shelf system that could serve as a storage unit or a decorative display area as well. Its seemingly delicate form contrasts its weight-bearing ability, allowing you to create shapes in your walls that can decorate and hold weight as well. These traits enable the Fiam Rialto L to give any area within your home beautiful storage spaces and display areas. The areas made by the Rialto L Shelf not only look exquisite but also perform their duties with the utmost efficiency.

Rialto L Shelf Fiam Features

Fiam's Rialto L can accommodate your need for elegant display areas with relative ease. Fiam's Research and Style Center has equipped the Rialto L with the necessary tools it needs to support any object placed on its surface. You may also customize the product according to its size, glass finish, and lacquering. Overall, the Rialto L is a minimally elegant design masterpiece. The Rialto L is supported by the best technological research in the curved plate glass sector, ensuring you that the product will meet your expectations as well as exceed them.

Rialto L Shelf Materials

The Fiam Rialto L Shelf is a sight to behold, with or without finishing touches added. That said, you will still be able to select finishing options that are available for this splendid item. You may choose between Extralight glass, Extralight RAL back-lacquered glass, Black95 glass, Smoked glass, or Back-silvering glass. There are also acid-etched versions for this table, but information on this selection will only be provided upon request. The Fiam Rialto L Shelf is a uniquely beautiful furniture piece that relies on nothing but its inherent beauty to captivate any spectator. One sight of it, and you will see why.

Rialto L Shelf Fiam Compositions

Fiam’s Rialto L is a system that you can customize to a certain degree. These shelves are available custom-sized with the following limits: length: from 65 cm to 190 cm; depth: from 24 cm to 30 cm; height: up to 36 cm for lengths up to 100 cm and up to 70 cm for lengths over 100 cm. The maximum gap between brackets is 70 cm. The Rialto L is also available in custom sizes. For this option, the information will only be able upon request. Fiam considers these factors and applies the necessary steps to ensure that your Rialto L is made of choice materials and processes.


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The Rialto L is a designer shelving system that pushes the boundaries of what design can achieve, which is what we at Esperiri constantly aim for. Our curated collection highlights our extensive Italian design heritage which we imbue in every project. Our team of interior designers and architects are prepared to help you select the right elements for your interiors or layout entire design projects. Simply visit us in our Milan office or contact us remotely through our Italian Interior Design Online service. Our worldwide Italian Furniture Supply service will grant you access to superior Italian industrial or bespoke furnishings, anywhere you are. And for an even more in-depth experience, you can join our Italian Furniture Shopping Tour to see Italian design while enjoying the real Italian lifestyle and understand what Made in Italy is truly about.