Edge Glass Bathroom Vanity Falper

Designer: Metrica

Manufacturer: Falper

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Edge Glass Falper Description

The bathroom vanity, Falper Edge Glass, is an excellent example of the union between materials of great quality, modern technology, and artisanal craftsmanship. This bathroom system owns an avant-garde profile that instils sophistication into any washroom that it occupies. Its streamlined construct allows it to function with precision, which is a notable characteristic of superb furniture pieces. The Falper Edge Glass accentuates any vertical plane within your restroom, giving this area a beautiful focal point in the form of this bathroom element. The Edge Glass Bathroom Vanity is an essential component of any washroom.

Edge Glass Bathroom Vanity Falper Features

The Metrica designed Falper Edge Glass Bathroom Vanity makes splendid use of its chosen material. Its structure consists of MDF, birch plywood and lacquered tempered glass. These components amalgamate to form the entirety of the Falper Edge Glass' construct. 4 mm tempered glass panels cover the external parts of the front and sides of its base cabinet, allowing the item to possess a sculptural element that complements its silhouette. A Ceramilux SSL washbasin or a built-in glass basin. Legrabox drawers with stabilization systems and built-in soft-close mechanisms are also included in this system.

Edge Glass Bathroom Vanity Materials

A total of thirty-five finishing selections are available for the Falper Edge Glass Bathroom Vanity. Twenty-four of these selections are glossy/satin glass with one gold leaf finish available only for the top. There are also five options for metal finishes as well as marble tops as well as a single wooden finish. The drawers are lacquered with Falper's Exclusive matte grey finish. The groove handles also have their set of finishes in onyx and brushed brass. These finishing options allow the Edge Glass to easily accommodate any interior design scheme for your restroom.

Edge Glass Bathroom Vanity Falper Compositions

The Falper Edge Glass Bathroom Vanity system deftly employs its symmetrical silhouette to complement any washroom setting it's located in. It has six widths in 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, and 180 cm, two heights in 30 and 45 cm, and a standard depth of 45 cm. With its exquisite profile, the Edge Glass easily elevates the visual appeal of any washroom within your home or elsewhere. The pristine image of its glass cabinets will undoubtedly catch anyone's attention as its sleek appearance can easily gain your appreciation.


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