Kl Boiserie Emmemobili

Designer: Ferruccio Laviani

Manufacturer: Emmemobili

Starting from: € 1.230,00

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100% Made in Italy Certified
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Kl Emmemobili Description

Emmemobili's KL Boiserie is a wall cladding component that has the characteristics of puzzle pieces. This boiserie gives any vertical plane a unique perspective as it instils different faces upon any wall, in essence turning the wall's surface into an awkwardly assembled puzzle. It is this trait that makes the Emmemobili KL an effective wall cladding system, as it relies on its user's imagination to bring out its inherent beauty. Simply put, any area within your home or otherwise will have its aesthetics heightened by the addition of the KL Boiserie to its design elements.

Kl Boiserie Emmemobili Features

Ferruccio Laviani intends for this wall cladding system to give any vertical space a look that is far from the norm. The individual pieces can have their own look, apart from every other piece of cladding to be included in the end product. This aspect will make any location seem like its walls were assembled at random, which is actually what gives this system its appeal. Emmemobili's KL is an unorthodox wall unit that transfers this unusual quality to the wall that it will clad, giving it the personality that will make it stand out.

Kl Boiserie Materials

Finishing options for the Emmemobili KL allow it to somewhat blend in with your interior design settings for your home. These selections give the KL its needed touch of colour that allows it to elevate a room's visual appeal. The finishing options available come in natural oak, stained oak, open pore lacquered oak, sandblasted oak, and mahogany. These finishes serve to further enhance the appeal of each piece of the Emmemobili KL, making them even more visually engaging to any onlooker that sees its unique image.

Kl Boiserie Emmemobili Compositions

The KL, in essence, is a puzzle for your walls with no actual finished image. The final look of this wall cladding system will depend entirely on your inclinations. There are six designs for the panels, and each panel measures 4x90x90 cm. You may orient every piece accordingly, or you may also try and form a coherent configuration for this system. LED lighting elements can also be integrated into these modular systems, letting light and shadow interact with a location's walls. Emmemobili's KL will undoubtedly give character to any place that will utilize it.


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