Fractal Boiserie Emmemobili

Designer: Elena Pancaldi

Manufacturer: Emmemobili

Starting from: € 1.230,00

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100% Made in Italy Certified
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Fractal Emmemobili Description

The Emmemobili Fractal Boiserie is an elegant wall cladding system that applies a linear aesthetic to its panels, giving value to the walls within any area. This beautiful ornamental element is an essential addition to your space because of its counter-frame that creates a cavity that is useful for cables or wall ventilation. The Fractal Boiserie is an extraordinary item that effectively serves its purpose and provides a high level of visual appeal. This product will surely be a welcome addition to your interiors because it is indeed worthy of enhancing the walls within your home.

Fractal Boiserie Emmemobili Features

The Fractal of Emmemobili is truly a visual feast; its application to any vertical plane immediately elevates the aesthetic capabilities of a space. Designed by Elena Pancaldi, Its panels are defined by its linear characteristic, which can be offset by inserts in burnished brass. Emmemobili's Fractal Boiserie has a multilayer counter-frame that affixes to the wall on which the boiserie hangs. You may utilize these panels to effectively integrate any cabinet or door into its system, blending their door leaves seamlessly into its beautiful image. These features enable the Fractal to effectively "hide" any moving component of your walls.

Fractal Boiserie Materials

Any space will welcome the addition of Emmemobili's Fractal Boiserie into its design scheme. This item's structure exudes style and precision, and the finishing options available for it further emphasises the visual quality that this wall system has. The Fractal comes in the following finishes; natural oak, stained oak, light or dark Thermo-treated oak, and open-pore lacquered oak. You may choose any finishing option to match your interiors' colour scheme. This will allow the Fractal to bring out the full visual potential of any vertical plane regardless of its location.

Fractal Boiserie Emmemobili Compositions

The Emmemobili Fractal's panels measure 2x90x270 cm for the plain panel and 8x90x270 cm for the wooden version and the version with brass inserts. The total pricing and measurements for this item vary because of the custom dimensions that this system needs to facilitate. In this regard, information for this wall system will be available upon request. This item accentuates a select portion of a wall or can cover an entire side of your chosen area. However you decide to apply this wall-cladding system, you are guaranteed to attain an exquisite-looking wall for any area of your selection.


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