Zanotta William Sofa

Designer: Damian Williamson

Manufacturer: Zanotta

Starting from: € 4.946,00

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William Sofa Description

"When designing complements or small objects, you can exhaust the creative effort in a single solution. With upholstered furniture and "big" furniture, on the other hand, it takes time and you can make changes and additions in progress. I like to reflect on an idea, with the right time and methods, and I think it is the necessary condition to arrive at a quality, durable and useful product".

The sofa designed by English designer Damian Williamson entered Zanotta's catalogue in 2015, not only with its monobloc version, but also with a series of elements that completes and enriches this product.

Zanotta William Sofa Features

The Zanotta William sofa combines linearity and elegance with the comfort of the seating, guaranteed by a backrest high enough to support the shoulders. The design of this sofa is inspired by the idea of lightness, where parallel lines draw the shape of William and define the thickness of the backrest and armrest cushions. Simplicity and linearity dominate in this design object suitable for both domestic and public spaces such as offices or waiting rooms. 

The feeling of lightness expressed by this sofa is also provided by the thin steel frame: agile L-shaped steel feet support the upholstered furniture in an elegant and innovative way. 

The thickness of the seat cushion and backrest is also doubled to guarantee greater comfort.

The seat and backrest are padded in polyurethane or thermo-bonded polyester fibre, while the cushions are upholstered with goose feather and have removable covers in both fabric and leather. The upholstered cushions also rest on an elastic strips suspension system, thus ensuring greater comfort.

In addition to the monobloc sofa, The William collection, is enriched with new modules, such as a dormeuse, chaise longue and pouf.

The dormeuse and sofas can be enriched with a shelf in solid oak wood in natural colour or dyed black, or in canaletto walnut natural colour. This element completes the composition of the sofa and gives it greater functionality.

The structure of the shelf is also slender and in aluminium, to match the light and minimalist design of the sofa.

William Sofa Materials

The Zanotta William Sofa covered in leather certainly steals the show, but it is also able to give a lively character to an environment with the various shades and wefts of fabric in the catalogue.

There are many shades in the catalogue, from light to dark colours, from bright to neutral shades. The choice is infinite and each material will determine the Zanotta William price. Normally the leather version price is 55% higher than the version covered with fabric.

The materials of the structure, both the feet and the shelf supports, can be in polished aluminium, with black nickel satin finish or in its natural colour.

Zanotta William Sofa Compositions

The Zanotta collection has been enriched over the years and the modularity of the Zanotta William sofa makes it possible to create corner compositions in addition to the linear version. Moreover, there is also the chaise longue module without backrest and the free-standing pouf. The family is enriched with new elements in order to respond to the growing demand for unique objects that guarantee perfect comfort in your home.

Zanotta William price also changes according to the different sizes, the starting price of the 2 seater version (180 cm wide) is 5266 Euro. The monobloc 2 seater sofa version is available in three different options: 180 cm, 224 cm and 266 cm.


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