Alfa Sofa Zanotta

Designer: Emaf Progetti

Manufacturer: Zanotta

Starting from: € 3.234,00

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Alfa Zanotta Description

Beautiful sofa systems such as the Zanotta Alfa Sofa require only a slight glance from any spectator to enthral that person with its exquisite appearance. The linear quality exemplified by this sofa system manifests itself in its luxurious cushions, giving the Zanotta Alfa its distinct and elegant profile. Designed by Emaf Progetti, this product also has several versions of its form that can easily occupy any space within any location needing a sofa system of its quality. Simply put, the Alfa Sofa is an essential piece of furniture that will undoubtedly elevate your interior design schemes.

Alfa Sofa Zanotta Features

Any location will benefit from the addition of the Zanotta Alfa Sofa. Its superb image heightens the air of any interior setting with relative ease. With its refined construct, this sofa system will provide you with unrestrained comfort. It possesses steel feet that come in various finishes. Its steel frame comes together with elastic strip suspension. The upholstery for this item consists of polyurethane/heat-bound polyester fibre. Fabric or leather finishing selections feature removable covers with quilted seat cushions. Small accessory cushions come in Dacron Du Pont or in goose down material.

Alfa Sofa Materials

The available upholstery options for the Zanotta Alfa provide an additional touch of elegance to an already sublime product. Selections in fabric or leather give the Zanotta Alfa either a stately or casual feel. Its steel feet come chromium-plated or in varnished graphite or with a natural or black nickel-satin finish. These selections will provide you with a sofa system tailor-made for your interior settings. The Alfa is an item that dictates the mood around it, and regardless of your choice of finishing materials for this product, this sofa system will integrate with your interior scheme flawlessly.

Alfa Sofa Zanotta Compositions

The Zanotta Alfa Sofa consists of several components and configurations that can inhabit any location. It is this trait that makes the Alfa a welcome addition to any design scheme. The sofa in this line measures 92x183x65 cm, 95x207x64 cm, and 95x230x65 cm. The modular units of this series come in different measurements compared to the sofa versions. This aspect gives you more options regarding your seating element's dimensions, making the information for these items only available upon request. Regardless of spatial constraints, there will be a version of the Zanotta Alfa that will fit with your chosen location.


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