Pianoalto Pouf Zanotta

Designer: Ludovica & Roberto Palomba

Manufacturer: Zanotta

Starting from: € 1.838,00

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Pianoalto Zanotta Description

The Zanotta Pianoalto Pouf is a minimal and functional piece of furnishing that can serve several purposes. It is mainly a pouf, but it may also work as an upholstered coffee table. With its clean assembly, this beautiful piece can place itself in any room that needs an item of its calibre. The Zanotta Pianoalto's modern image adds value to your space by simply being in the vicinity, and the comfort that the pouf can provide gives you even more reasons to appreciate this product.

Pianoalto Pouf Zanotta Features

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba designed the Pianoalto pouf to be a complementary piece to the Pianoalto sofa system. Despite that fact, the Zanotta pouf can still be an exquisite item even on its own. Its precision-made steel frame and elastic strip suspension support the graduated polyurethane / Dacron DuPont cushioning material. Quilted inserts of goose feathers and polyester fibre flakes provide additional cushioning to this item. These components supply the comfort that the Zanotta Pianoalto Pouf provides its user, making the item an excellent element to add to your living room.

Pianoalto Pouf Materials

Zanotta's Pianoalto can provide an added touch of sophistication to any interior setting, thanks to its beautifully upholstered form. Fabric or leather selections are available for your choosing. Fabric choices come in a vast array of colours to choose from, giving the pouf the character that you want it to display. Leather options enable the product to exude a more formal air, therefore contributing a stately demeanour to your room. These qualities can make your Zanotta Pianoalto Pouf stand out from the rest of the furnishings in its vicinity.

Pianoalto Pouf Zanotta Compositions

The Zanotta Pianoalto Pouf belongs in a collection which consists of several units that make up a beautiful seating element. The actual pouf measures 116x96x36 cm, and it can be accompanied by different kinds of modular units to form a single cohesive sofa system. This modular aspect of the Zanotta Pianoalto helps it populate any area that requires a sophisticated seating system that is simultaneously functional and beautiful. Modules like corner units, left or right-oriented chaise lounges, or single or two-seater elements will give you several ways of assembling an exemplary sofa system.


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