Maggiolina Pouf Zanotta

Designer: Marco Zanuso

Manufacturer: Zanotta

Starting from: € 1.271,00

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Maggiolina Zanotta Description

The Zanotta Maggiolina is a simple pouf with sophisticated details that one must see to appreciate. Its humble shape lends itself well in any interior setting that you can think of, letting you heighten the elegance of a room with ease. The construct of the Maggiolina Pouf complements the other furniture pieces in its immediate vicinity, adding a touch of class to any space. Designer Marco Zanuso Intends to pair this furniture piece with the Maggiolina chaise lounge, but this pouf can also exist on its own, as it is a superb piece of furniture in its own right.

Maggiolina Pouf Zanotta Features

The Zanotta Maggiolina Pouf is a precision-made product that is a beautiful representation of Italian craftsmanship. The details present in this item are apparent upon seeing the silhouette of the pouf. Made from 0 1.8 cm tubular steel and upholstered with a polyurethane / Dacron DuPont seat cushion. This combination supplies the structural integrity as well as the comfort that the Zanotta Maggiolina imparts to its user, making it a viable seating element within your home. The Maggiolina can interact with any interior setting as well as other furniture pieces, adding more aesthetic value to any location.

Maggiolina Pouf Materials

Zanotta's Maggiolina Pouf is a stylish pouf that can complement any living room setting. The minimal design of the product exudes an understated elegance that can highlight everything that is in the same room with it. Several leather selections can give your pouf the appropriate look for any style of interiors that you may have in mind. You can also choose from eco-leather selections in case you prefer more colour in your upholstery. Base finishes are also available for the Zanotta Maggiolina in chrome, grey, black, and gunmetal.

Maggiolina Pouf Zanotta Compositions

Measuring 65x65x38 cm, the Zanotta Maggiolina Pouf fits perfectly into any room. You may situate it inside your bedroom, your powder room, or your living room. You can also pair it with any furniture piece that exists in your home. The Maggiolina can accompany your favourite armchair or any other furniture piece that needs additional cushioning. This product can stand on its own, but this furniture piece will fare better alongside the Maggiolina Chaise lounge. The combination of these products will be beneficial not only for you but for your home as well.


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