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526 Nuage Description

526 Nuage is a bookcase and container project that was born in 1952 and was developed until 1956 by designer Charlotte Perriand. In 2012, as a world exclusive, the Nuage Bookcase Family  became part of the Cassina Collection "I Maestri". This was a culture of design operation carried out by Cassina in close collaboration with Pernette Perriand-Barsac, daughter of Charlotte and her universal heir. Throughout her long career as an architect and designer, Charlotte Perriand never ceased to study and reflect on the theme of containers and bookcases.

The first ideas for the Nuage bookcase were born in 1940, after a trip to Japan. On the walls of the Imperial Palace in Kyoto she had in fact noticed a series of shelves arranged in the shape of a cloud and from this unconventional composition, far from the European style, the concept of modules and compositional freedom was born in Charlotte.

Cassina Nuage Features

The basic concept for 526 Nuage is therefore based on the idea of free modularity, a concept constantly studied by the designer and which combines functionality and aesthetics. So the final result is a series of basic components that can be combined in different ways, revealing various  forms ranging from sideboards to storage units, from wall bookcases to hanging compositions to free-standing structures to be placed in the middle of a room.

What makes the 526 Nuage  Family really unique is the asymmetrical design and the possibility to create different combinations for different uses and functions. Its crossed lines, the essentiality of the shapes, the juxtaposition of colours and the alternation of solids and voids are reminiscent of Piet Mondrian’s paintings, where the purity of geometry plays a fundamental role in the composition of the work. And so the metal structure, the coloured panels, the vertical dividing blocks and the thick horizontal shelves become the protagonists of this new painting designed by Perriand.

Cassina Nuage bookcases are design projects that  fully express the constant research of this incredible modern pioneer in the “art of building, art of living “.

Everything is studied down to the smallest detail. For example, the width and size of the horizontal bookcase shelves are all different and available in various thicknesses depending on which book or object you want to store. Everything makes sense, nothing is left to chance. 

This frame can also be enriched with a series of elements able to respond to every type of need: removable trays, sliding doors and panels, also in this case modular and can be combined in different ways.

Cassina Nuage is composed of different modules to create a lot of different compositions

Nuage Wall Unit Materials

526 Nuage is characterized by its variety in materials. The structure consists of horizontal and vertical elements that fit together. The basic components of the Cassina Nuage frame are the wooden oak shelves and the vertical elements in anodised aluminium or black painted aluminium, available in five different heights. This structure supports metal space blocks, sliding panels and sliding doors in anodized aluminium or glossy, removable aluminium trays painted in different colours.

Cassina Nuage Compositions

The Cassina Nuage Family includes 35 models: the Bahuts (sideboards), the Rangements (self-supporting bookshelves), the Bibliothèques épis, the Bibliothèques murales (wall bookshelves), the Bibliothèques asymétriques. It is a very large family where there are many cousins and they come dressed  in different colors. Charlotte had a very precise idea of harmony and regulation and in her projects for 526 Nuage she managed to achieve different results from the same simple elements.

The strength of the designer and her project was therefore to find multiple compositional solutions and create products suitable for different uses, from container sideboards to wall-mounted or self-supporting bookcases.


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