Cassina Infinito

Designer: Franco Albini

Manufacturer: Cassina

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835 Infinito Description

835 Infinito is an extremely flexible and limitlessly modular bookcase. Franco Albini, celebrated Italian architect and designer, designed it between 1956 and 1957 and in 2008 it became part of Cassina's "Maestri" collection.

Cassina Infinito is a modular bookcase, where the vertical modules can be arranged side by side in many different combinations, just like the various elements that are part of this bookcase. A timeless project, always up-to-date and always able to show the authentic beauty of Italian design.

Cassina Infinito Features

Albini's idea for 835 Infinito was to create a modular bookcase composed of vertical elements, designed to be freestanding. Cassina Infinito in fact does not require to be placed near a wall and for this reason it can be used as a room or space divider, creating innovative solutions in the management of interior areas.  The Italian designer also studied a vertical structure composed of a series of holes, which gives the option to adjust the height of all the accessory elements, thus giving the possibility to create infinite solutions.

If we were to associate Albini with a keyword, the most appropriate would probably be "lightness". A lightness also implemented in his Cassina Infinito bookcase, capable of hovering in the air, detaching itself from the wall and arranging itself completely free in space.

Infinito Wall Unit Materials

835 Infinito has now been relaunched and reproposed by Cassina in three different finishes: natural ash, a light and warm coloured wood, black stained ash or canaletto walnut (american walnut), a type of wood characterized by its gold grain. These essences are used both for the structural parts of the bookcase and for the panels, shelves and containers.  The entire composition is studied down to the smallest detail. The fixing elements are in black nickel steel, while the door hinges are in burnished brass. 

Cassina Infinito Compositions

Franco Albini designed 835 Infinito with a structure defined by solid wood uprights, multiple shelves and containers with hinged or flap doors. This is an innovative project because, thanks to these holes in the vertical structure, it is possible to arrange the containers and shelves at different heights and in different ways, creating infinite solutions and ensuring a profound levity. 

The standard height of Cassina Infinito height starts from 268 cm, and can be adjusted according to the size of the room. Moreover, thanks to the serial production of the various parts, Cassina has introduced countless different compositional solutions into the market since 2008.


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