S-Chair Chair Cappellini

Designer: Tom Dixon

Manufacturer: Cappellini

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S-Chair Cappellini Description

The S-Chair by Cappellini is a chair with a silhouette that is as simple as it is unique. The sensuous lines that this beautiful piece of furniture has become iconic to the extent that its original incarnation can be seen in museums such as the Museum of Modern Art, The Design Museum, and many more. What started as a simple doodle of a chicken has turned into the S-Chair by Cappellini that we see today. The S-Chair is proof that ideas can come to life and bring about an impact that is lasting and inspirational.

S-Chair Chair Cappellini Features

The original S-Chair, designed by Tom Dixon, was a chair that had a more three-dimensional look about it. Since its initial release in 1986, the S-Chair has undergone modifications to become what it is now today. The Cappellini edition of the S-Chair is more streamlined compared to the first version due to innovations in materials and technology. If placed side by side, you will immediately see the difference in both items as the Cappellini version of the iconic chair is slimmer than the original Tom Dixon model. This signifies that iconic pieces can still evolve to become better versions of themselves.

S-Chair Chair Materials

The S-Chair is a chair that Cappellini turned into an industrial work of art without losing the soul of the original item. The S-Chair by Cappellini however has a more updated framework as well as upholstery options. The chair’s frame is metal with a dark-brown powder-coated finish. You can choose to have the upholstery finished in woven marsh straw or wicker. Aside from the woven upholstery, there are also options in Stamskin Zen, Feltro, Panno, and Optik just to name a few. The feet of its base is made with durable black plastic.

S-Chair Chair Cappellini Compositions

The S-Chair is a chair that, with Cappellini's industrial expertise, has been made to be sleeker than its predecessor. Measuring 50x42x102 cm, The Cappellini edition is slightly smaller than the original version. It also uses less material making it lighter. Regardless, the Cappellini variant of the chair remains faithful to everything that the Tom Dixon model presents. The updates to the original product only serve as refinements to an item that is already a masterpiece. Simply put, The S-Chair by Cappellini is a manufacturing marvel that equals or might even surpass its precursor.


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