Rainbow Chair Cappellini

Designer: Patrick Norguet

Manufacturer: Cappellini

Starting from: € 9.650,00

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Rainbow Cappellini Description

Cappellini and Patrick Norguet present the Rainbow Chair, a technologically advanced seating element utilizing unorthodox methods for its construction. The components used for the assembly of the Cappellini Rainbow includes materials not typically associated with furniture production. This splash of colour is a welcome addition to any space, based solely on its sublime looks. Exemplary products like the Cappellini Rainbow Chair are made with a high level of imagination coupled with an intricate knowledge of materials and technology. The combination of these aspects give us the Rainbow: a superior seating element for any design scheme.

Rainbow Chair Cappellini Features

The Rainbow Chair of Cappellini is made entirely of acrylic resin. It also contains methacrylate slabs of colour with different thicknesses, shades, and widths, which are fused by the use of ultrasound. The feet of the Rainbow comes in felt. The process used for the production of this chair is another notable aspect of this product as the technology utilized for the assembly of this item only applies to this specific furniture piece. The Cappellini Rainbow is a sublime seating implement, and its appeal is further enhanced by its hand-made mirror finish.

Rainbow Chair Materials

As its name suggests, the Cappellini Rainbow does indeed have all the colours of the rainbow in its construct. This feature is easily seen throughout the entire product, giving this item its signature appearance. This chair does not require any additional embellishments or add-ons to its profile: its smooth exterior is more than enough decoration for this beautiful item. The sleek visage owned by this chair represents the craftsmanship of a high level as this product is finished entirely by hand. Details like these prove that this chair undoubtedly deserves the acclaim that it receives.

Rainbow Chair Cappellini Compositions

Measuring 51x39x80 cm, Cappellini's Rainbow Chair is sized optimally for any setting, whether domestic or commercial. This lovely seating implement can grace any dining table, office, work area, or even commercial establishments with the greatest of ease. This chair is a seating element as well as a design piece that serves as "functional decor" for any location within your home. Its image can start conversations based on its production methods alone, which will be expanded upon by talks concerning its material composition. Overall, the Rainbow is an excellent seating element, worthy of a place within your design scheme.


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