Neve Chair Porro

Designer: Piero Lissoni

Manufacturer: Porro

Starting from: € 381,00

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Neve Porro Description

The Neve Chair is another inspired product of the collaboration between Italian furniture company Porro and designer Piero Lissoni. This elegant piece of furnishing has rigid structural elements that contrast its rounded and curved components. This welcoming seating implement features exact yet soft lines that reimagine the idea of wooden chairs. Simultaneously modern and timeless, the Porro Neve Chair will undoubtedly accentuate any space needing a stylish chair, whether in the dining room, living room, study, or even your bedroom. The Porro Neve will be an excellent addition to your home interiors.

Neve Chair Porro Features

Porro's Neve Chair takes the concept of a classic chair and gives it a modern treatment. Through construction methods and materials used, this item blends old aesthetics with updated sensibilities. The union of these qualities provides us with an excellent product in the form of the Porro Neve. The rounded backrest gives an ergonomic facet to an otherwise stiff object. The suspended seat also provides a distinct look as its seat structure seems detached from the rest of the chair's frame. Details like these prove the superiority of the Neve as an optimal choice for your seating needs.

Neve Chair Materials

The Porro Neve's appeal lies in its subdued elegance. It possesses refined lines that give the item its dignified air, while the available finishing options provide the added touches of style that this product needs. You may choose from eco, derby, or rancho leather selections to further decorate the chair's backrest and seat. There are also four finishes available in white-stained ash, black-stained ash, red-stained ash, and natural ash. Any combination of finishing selections will provide you with a chair that will surpass your expectations.

Neve Chair Porro Compositions

Porro's Neve Chair can accommodate your need for a stylish seating implement that heightens the air in any location. It has two versions, an armchair and a variant without arms. The armchair measures 45x58x75.5 cm, while the basic chair comes in at 45x50x75.5 cm. The basic chair is an apt choice for a seating element that can populate your household. The version with arms supplies you with the same qualities, with additional comfort coming from the armrests. Nevertheless, any of the two variants can effectively occupy any space within your home that requires elegant seating components.


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