Hug Chair Arflex

Designer: Claesson Koivisto Rune

Manufacturer: Arflex

Starting from: € 1.144,00

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Hug Arflex Description

Arflex has an acute sense when selecting collaborations as they always seem to partner up with designers that make noteworthy furniture pieces. This alliance with this chair's creators serves as an example. At first glance, you will immediately be enamoured with the Hug Chair. Arflex and Claesson Koivisto Rune have produced an item so welcoming to the customer that they named it after a simple and friendly gesture. The Hug by Arflex will greet you with its open arms, inviting you to unwind. This simple piece of furnishing gives off a warm aura, one that you will certainly appreciate.

Hug Chair Arflex Features

The Hug Chair has earned the right to stand alongside the other classics within the collection of Arflex. With its outstretched arms, the Hug is an adorable article that entices you to relax. Intended to have a high level of seating comfort, the Hug Chair by Arflex's seating is composed of moulded polyurethane foam with a polyester slipcover. The lacquered legs with wooden accents and adjustable black PVC feet prop up the cushioning while elastic straps supply the needed support for the seat components. Altogether, the Hug will be a welcome accompaniment to your home.

Hug Chair Materials

The Hug by Arflex is as versatile as it is accessible. With multiple cover options in leather and fabric, your colour choices will be able to customize its appearance according to your tastes. The base options have their alternatives, the wooden details can either be walnut Canaletto, wenge, or oak painted. The metal legs have their own lacquered finishes as well, dependent on your preference. These elements combine to form your ideal version of the Hug Chair. Arflex and Claesson Koivisto Rune have made an item that fully embodies its namesake and shares it wholeheartedly with everyone.

Hug Chair Arflex Compositions

The Hug Chair by Arflex is a pleasant component of any space. Measuring in at 58x63x79 cm, it is capable of fitting in any interior setting. The Hug also has other variants in the form of a loveseat, an armchair, and a high-back armchair. These lovely furniture pieces will certainly pique your interest with their engaging demeanour. Regardless of placement, you will find that any room will have its atmosphere lightened upon viewing the Hug. Arflex, as well as Claesson Koivisto Rune, curates and designs pieces that capture emotions, and the Hug certainly achieves this endeavour with ease.


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