Elettra Armchair Arflex

Designer: B.B.P.R

Manufacturer: Arflex

Starting from: € 1.602,00

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Elettra Arflex Description

Designs that stand the test of time are the standard of an excellent product. Such is the case with the Elettra Armchair. Arflex, with B.B.P.R., made a simple office chair with the initial offering of the Elettra, but their alternative version for this item is more suited for a lounge or a living room instead of the workplace. The more imposing Elettra Armchair appears as vibrant today as it was when it was first produced, thanks in part to its unchanging charm. All things considered, the Elettra by Arflex brings with it an unfading allure, perfect for any home.

Elettra Armchair Arflex Features

Comfort is paramount to the Elettra Armchair. Arflex made it apparent with the Elettra chair and further stresses it with the armchair model. The wider backrest and seating cushion allow for a more comfortable experience, while its minimal frame still gives it ample support. The shaped polyurethane seat and back will adapt to the curves of your body, encapsulating you in relaxation while the elastic straps used for springing provide the feeling of stability when seated. With its ageless sophistication and grand proportions, you will certainly find yourself wanting to unwind on the Elettra by Arflex.

Elettra Armchair Materials

The Elettra by Arflex owes its adaptability largely in part to its removable fabric slipcovers. With a multitude of colours and patterns to choose from, this item will be able to lend itself to your living room with relative ease. The leather selections on the other hand offer a more dignified demeanour that will be the ideal pick should you choose to place it inside your office. Its tubular steel frame is lacquered black enabling it to conform to either a playful or proper colour palette. In any event, there is a combination of the Elettra that caters to your desires.

Elettra Armchair Arflex Compositions

The Elettra Armchair by Arflex measures 62x72x71 cm, a size optimized for social spaces such as living rooms or lounge areas. B.B.P.R. has made the Elettra versatile enough to be a viable option over its contemporaries. The simple elegance it holds differentiates it from other seating implements of its kind, relying solely on its simple charisma instead of complicated structures. At present, more and more furniture pieces heavily lean towards the technological niche. The Elettra is a welcome contradiction to modernity by being itself and avoiding these avant-garde trends, and therein lies its true beauty.


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