Cradle Armchair

Designer: Neri&Hu

Manufacturer: Arflex

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Arflex Cradle Armchair Description

Arflex, in collaboration with Neri&Hu, has made another inspired furniture piece in the form of the Cradle Armchair. At once structurally rigid and elegant, the Arflex Cradle Armchair displays attributes that are architecturally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Neri&Hu designed the Cradle Armchair to be visually appealing at every angle. It displays a classic sensibility along with a contemporary disposition that is evident in every product designed by Neri&Hu, while the minute details in its construction present the craftsmanship that Arflex is recognized for. These elements will certainly make the Arflex Cradle a welcome addition to your home.

Cradle Armchair Features

The Cradle Armchair's tasteful use of structural features shows the intricate attention to detail that Arflex applies to every product. The leather strap that outlines the form of the cushions is one of the noteworthy nuances present in the seating system. This particular characteristic is ingeniously integrated into its construction. The frame itself is put on display, as Neri&Hu have opted to showcase this aspect instead of concealing the chair's support system. There is also an optional platform that attaches to the frame of the Cradle that serves as a small table, a perfect implement that could make your relaxation more enjoyable.

Cradle Armchair Materials

The Cradle is another one of Arflex's creations that can apply itself to any interior setting with relative ease. The many upholstery options make this article adaptable to any room you place it in. Depending on the area's atmosphere, the Cradle Armchair can be dignified or cheerful with a wide array of fabric or leather choices. Its cushions are made of moulded polyurethane wrapped in your upholstery selection. The signature strap comes in two shades of brown and is anchored by a black lacquered die-cast metal frame. All of these elements combine to form the Arflex Cradle Armchair; an exceptional Italian piece of furnishing.

Cradle Armchair Compositions

At 82x100x70 cm, the Cradle Armchair will be suitable for any space inside your home. The versatility of its expression makes it appropriate for any living room or personal office. Arflex's penchant for manufacturing quality fixtures is made apparent in this item, and Neri&Hu's design sensibility is also brought to the forefront with the Cradle's overall manner. Classical in a sense with an inkling of modernity, the Cradle is another one of Arflex's offerings that elevate Italian design. The Arflex Cradle Armchair is an embodiment of deep-rooted Italian design principles, namely fearlessly solid contours and contemporary philosophies, making it a desirable piece of Italian furnishing.


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