Arflex Botolo Armchair

Designer: Cini Boeri

Manufacturer: Arflex

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Botolo Chair Description

Botolo chair, designed in 1973 by Cini Boeri, became part of the Arflex catalogue in 2014. After a series of studies and models, the Italian designer comes up with an armchair that stands out from the rest for its innovative materials, shapes and design. An inimitable and unmistakable product, able to offer a touch of personality to any type of environment.

An innovative upholstered chair with three large tubular legs, the Arflex Botolo armchair is the ideal chair to relax and be creative. Designed by Cini Boeri for Arflex Milano, the Botolo chair is a unique object to insert in your home.

Arflex Botolo Armchair Features

Arflex Botolo is a small armchair with an innovative character and special appearance. It made its first appearance in the world of design in 1967. Over the years it has changed several names, from Bobo to Boborelax up to Botolo chair in 1973. A unique project by Cini Boeri, who wanted to create the perfect chair to relax and enjoy moments of tranquility in your home.

The elegant but at the same time refined and innovative design makes this object extremely versatile and adaptable to any type of environment: from the most eclectic to the most minimal and essential. Consisting of three large tubular legs and a padding that can be upholstered with different colors and patterns, Arflex Botolo becomes the right iconic element to be included in the furniture of your home

Botolo by Arflex is a unique object that can also assume different functions within the home environment: it can be part of the dining room system, combined with the dining table, as well as be a relaxing armchair in the living room or in the bedrooms. Its versatility and dimensions, 53 cm wide and 75 cm high, allow it to adapt easily in any environment.

Botolo By Arflex Materials

Botolo chair consists of a metal structure and moulded polyurethane foam padding, with rounded shapes and delicate curves. The three lacquered metal legs, unique in their kind, are available in different ral colours. Finally, you can customize the upholstery for your Botolo by Arflex with different types of fabrics, leather in different colors or fur.

Arflex Botolo Armchair Compositions

The upholstery plays a fundamental role in the composition of Botolo chair. It is the type of upholstery in fact that will determine the character of your Arflex Botolo. The compositions and possibilities are many: from simple monochrome upholstery to painted fabric, leather or fur upholstery. With Botolo chair you can give free rein to your imagination, creating the most suitable combinations of materials, textures and colours for your home

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  1. Jane Hopkins

    I’ve ordered botolo covered in fur for my apartment in New York. It is a piece that I’ve been chasing for a while

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