Maralunga Sofa, cool since 1974

Cassina Maralunga sofa, winner of the Golden Compass, immediately presented itself as an object of great strength and impact on the market. This model led to the innovation of headrest variations to obtain a high or low back version. The reassuring and extremely simple look of the upholstery, the magic of the backrest movement, the change in performance and the image of softness communicated by the sofa, fully summarize the salient features of Cassina Maralunga Sofa.

I could never imagine designing furniture or anything that wouldn’t last long, it’s just something I couldn’t do”. Here is Cassina Maralunga sofa.

The story of the 675 Maralunga Sofa begins in 1973 .

As the story goes, frustrated that the model  designed by Magistretti wasn’t comfortable enough, Cassina chief Cesare Cassina punched the back of  the sofa prototype, breaking the backrest. Magistretti found inspiration from the broken sofa, identifying an intuitive solution renewing a traditional typology and claiming, “right, great, it looks perfect to me like that”. 

Maralunga Sofa: Timeline from 1974

Vico Magistretti drew the Maralunga Sofa for the first time in 1973 and his production began the following year, in 1974. It immediately became a recognized and appreciated industrial design object both in Italy and around the world: in 1979 the Maralunga won the Compasso d’Oro award and in 1981 it became part of the MoMa collection in New York. 

In 2014 the Maralunga Sofa turned 40 years old and the following year Cassina began to develop new designs and new solutions: in 2015 Maralunga 40 and Maralunga 40-S (with removable covers) were born and in 2018 and 2019 began the production of the more contemporary Maralunga 40-S Maxi and Maralunga 40 Maxi versions. 

Vico Magistretti’s research in design has been continuous, in the design culture and in the innovative experimentation of materials, spatial solutions, shapes and functions. His design is timeless and it has continued to evolve to the present day.

“In my opinion, a good design must never end, but it tends to repeat itself over a very long period of time and will remain valid even in a hundred years”.

Vico Magistretti

Maralunga Sofa main features

The Maralunga Sofa, international best-seller, is the first model of a long series of sofas and it has been in production to the present day. 

The first version designed in 1973, has warm and reassuring shapes, a soft look and soft padding. Maralunga’s real innovation, however, is the back support that sits high and low. Thanks to the insertion of a simple bicycle chain embedded in the foam and an avant-garde mechanism patented by Cassina, Maralunga introduced the idea of a backrest that can easily be folded.

“With Maralunga I wanted to design an object representative of a whole interior architecture with a familiar flavour. A warm, comfortable, cosy place where you can feel at ease and rediscover the atmosphere of the old, comfortable, protective reading armchairs placed near the fire of a fireplace or the beam of light from a window. Two positions, two possibilities of use, two opportunities to create your own space inside a room”.

Vico Magistretti

In 2014, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the sofa, Cassina made a further aesthetic reinterpretation by proposing new details, such as the seams that follow the perimeter profile to give a more modern taste to the design. Maralunga 40 also comes with a removable cover for the version with fabric upholstery. 

After 45 years, Maralunga has been restyled again, with new aesthetics and updated proportions of the upholstered furniture for a greater feeling of comfort and elegance. We are talking about Maralunga Maxi and Maralunga 40 Maxi.

Both sofas, however, continue to maintain the adjustable height head rest variation thanks to the simple bicycle chain, the innovative element introduced back in 1974. New sizes have also been designed for the two-seater (214 cm) and three-seater (310 cm) sofas, increasing not only the width but also the depth (105 cm) for greater comfort.

Maralunga Sofa – finishings

The Cassina Maralunga price changes according to the type of material you decide to use. The covers available for Maralunga are mainly in fabric and leather, in different colours and with different weaves. The starting price for the two-seater 166 cm wide version is 3652 euro. Discover all the cassina sofa prices here.

The Maralunga Sofa fabric collection includes bright colours, light or dark shades, minimal or lively textures. You will be spoilt for choice and, since the removable cover version was introduced in 2014, the catalogue of fabric finishes has been enriched even more.

Maralunga Sofa – compositions

Cassina Maralunga is available in different versions, two or three-seater sofas.

The seating module has changed over the years and the measurements have been constantly renewed, adapting to the changing needs of modern life. 

Maralunga and Maralunga 40 offer sofas with different widths ranging from 166 cm to 190 cm for the two-seater option and from 238 cm to 274 cm for the three-seater version.

The Maralunga Maxi and Maralunga 40 Maxi also offer different measurement options, up to a width of 300 cm. 

Finally, the Maralunga family includes an armchair and a pouf, which can be used to make up for the lack of a chaise longue module.

Maralunga Sofa and Esperiri Milano

Finding the perfect sofa for your living room is perhaps the most important point precisely because it is often this element that determines the character of the room. Cassina Maralunga Sofa can be an ideal solution with its classic but also contemporary and innovative design. 

If you are then curious to test Maralunga and  see the Cassina products live, contact us for an Italian Furniture Shopping Tour organized by our design experts. Together with our team of interior designers you will get to know the true Made in Italy design and experience the Italian lifestyle.

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