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Designer: Dante Bonuccelli

Manufacturer: Molteni&C

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Contemporary Italian Sideboards Description

Milan-based architect and designer Dante Bonuccelli worked to create this wonderful and versatile option for home storage systems with Molteni in 2014. He’s from Buenos Aires, where he was born and pursued an education and career in architecture before moving to Italy. His research and concepts are reflected in this background, conveying architecture through design. The Molteni&C Pass-Word is a unique offering in the range of storage systems and wall units with a technological ease and flair.

Molteni Password Features

This modular system’s interiors are inviting with the material of warm, fragrant cedarwood, which appeals to all of your senses. Whether you will use it as a storage unit, display case, sideboard, or as part of your home entertainment system, you’ll find it a perfect balance technology and design to accompany your daily life. It’s an ideal element for your dining room, living space, home office, kitchen, dressing room, or anything in between.

Molteni&C Sideboards Materials

There are over 90 combinations available between structure and color to make this piece customized to your exact preferences and personal style. The open compartment can be concealed with wooden or glass doors available in hinged, flap, or flush siding. There is also a variety of matt lacquer, glossy lacquer, woods, colored glass, colored etched glass, and marble available for different elements of the structure.

Molteni Password Compositions

The size of an individual unit can be customized from 96 cm - 442 cm to accommodate any interior space. The combinations and arrangements can be fitted to meet your specifications, whether wall-mounted or floor-based, single unit or part of a series. The style is extremely sleek and fitting for a modern, contemporary, or minimalistic aesthetic. It can take on an informal or formal ambience in an office setting or in any home interior. You can make this piece your own through the variable compositions and it will become an inviting and useful addition to your home.


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Esperiri Milano For Molteni&C

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