Secretello Desk Molteni&C

Designer: Michele De Lucchi

Manufacturer: Molteni&C

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Secretello Molteni&C Description

Molteni&C's Secretello Desk is an updated take on vintage study desks. Designed by Michele De Lucchi, the Secretello Desk functions as a sanctuary in any open space. This product can serve its owner in several ways. This desk functions as an area that lets you accomplish clerical tasks. The Secretello can be a place wherein you can study or write anything, and it serves as a reflection of your character. Furniture pieces usually reflect the design tastes of their owners, but the Molteni&C Secretello can reflect the owners themselves.

Secretello Desk Molteni&C Features

Molteni&C's Secretello is a modern-retro writing desk that has its charm rooted firmly in its aesthetics. Its components mirror the simplicity of its construct. Every wooden part of Molteni&C's Secretello Desk is made of solid oak. Its glass door consists of an oak structure, and the framed areas of this desk have a sheet of extra-clear glass integrated into its construct. A sophisticated lift-and-slide opening mechanism, obtained through a balanced brass hinge, provides the movement for the door of this desk. These technological advancements easily bring the traditional imagery of the Secretello to modern times.

Secretello Desk Materials

The Secretello Desk of Molteni&C does away with additional finishing options and instead focuses on its simplicity. The desk has one finish in natural oak, which makes up the framework of this product. The modest aesthetic of the Secretello is only augmented once it finds its home in a permanent location. The items placed in its form will serve as the decorative elements that this desk requires. Books, figurines, pen holders and pens themselves will add a touch of colour to the modest image of the Secretello, turning your possessions into accessories for this desk.

Secretello Desk Molteni&C Compositions

Measuring 61/78x120x163.5/170, the Molteni&C Secretello comes optimally sized to fit in any space within your home or elsewhere. Whether for your child's room or your own private office, the Secretello will function to perfection, as well as add to a room's aesthetic value. It also has accessories, such as the shutter panel and the desktop, that provide additional functions for the desk. Should you require a writing desk that functions effortlessly as well as elevates an area's visual appeal, you may look no further than the Secretello.


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